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Are we heading into the 2nd Great Depression?

This Video shares the myths told about the Great Depression:

Are we heading into the 2nd Great Depression?

The factors that led into the 2008 Economic Meltdowns are worse then the factors that led us into the Great Depression.

We had a Woodrow Wilson (George Bush) that feigned being a Free Market conservative, but was a market interventionist. Followed by an FDR (Barack Obama) who believes that raising taxes, creating new welfare programs i.e. Obamacare and government programs (like stimulus and TARP) will save the Free Market.

FDR's policies pro-longed the Great Depression in America for over 10 years, while it was over for most of the world in a few years whose governments took no action allowing the Free Market to repair itself.

History is repeating itself. Bush, Obama, McCain and many others have made sure of that.

Again, are we heading into the 2nd Great Depression?