Can the government just call you crazy and take you, effectively ignoring your Constitutional Rights?

Can the Government Ignore the Constitution by declaring you crazy and locking you up without due process and trial?

Did you answer no?

Well guess again it happened right here in Chesterfield Virginia. Agree with him or not, think he's crazy or not, but just ask Brandon Raub, a former Marine, who the Federal Government came and took from his home with the aide of our Chesterfield's finest, with out reading him his rights or allowing any due process throughout his abduction by the government. And this trend is growing around the US at an alarming rate.

Actually this has gone on for decades. Creating what is called a Green Warrant, a warrant that declares a person crazy. When a Green warrant is issued it bypasses the US Constitution, and allows authorities to take you without probable cause and with out the typical Constitutional rights that goes with regular arrest. Some people argue we need Green Warrants to get those harmful to themselves and others off the streets.

Brandon Raub
This sounds like wisdom, but for one thing. With this power the government, at any level, can not like your criticism against them and use this process to remove you without due process grossly violating your natural rights guaranteed under the US Constitution. A political enemy elimination tool in the hands of government.

Many of you are saying, come on get real. This is the USA. We are better than that. Really?

Again ask Brandon Raub, who arrested for criticizing the Government on Facebook. You say but did you read what he wrote? Yes, and much of it sounded very strange and crazy. Though some was not read in context, but does it matter what he wrote? He didn't threaten anyone. And even if he did, then follow the Constitution, get a warrant, arrest him and read him his rights.

Liberals and conservatives should all be outraged at this, but their favorite politicians favor this type of thing in the name of safety so they are silent.

Well at least Mr Raub is going to get his day in court. Read more about that here