Please do all you can to fight Chesterfield and Henrico trying to raise your taxes

Please do all you can to fight this in Chesterfield and Henrico. Don't fall for the ruse. Every time any level of government tries to raise your taxes they do their level best to convince you that it's for a worthy cause. It's for the children, it's for schools, it's for teachers, it's for roads, yada, yada, yada. Of course the money never goes to those things, the government finds other places to spend it (See Virginia's recent tax increase that is supposed to go to our roads - even though we were already supposed to have money set aside for that).

At no time does the government talk about cutting spending or weeding out graft, corruption, and inefficiency. And remember this stuff when elections roll around. NO MORE TAXES!

Read an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch on how feverishly the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors is trying to promote this Tax Increase here.

I passed this on from Floyd Bayne