MILKEN/Since the President has decided to graciously allow Congress to have their say, it’s time for Congress to do what it did not do when we attacked Serbia: Stop the war!

First, if the best they can do is panicked phone calls from Syrian officials to chemical warfare chiefs about the so-called chemical strike, that is not enough to prove the Syrian government did it. Second, I simply do not take either Secretary Kerry or the President’s word on it. It’s too classified to disclose except for a few representatives isn’t gonna cut it this time. There is no reason for Assad to use chemical weapons. It is also possible that a rogue officer did it without the authority of highers up. So we’d hurt innocent people if we get it wrong. Ask the half million kids in Iraq allegedly killed due to US sanctions.

Second, assuming the President is right: Who said we enforce international norms? Who gave us the baton and badge. Many people in some nations do not think we deserve the honor. Ask a Serb that question. Or an Iraqi Christian. Besides, it’s none of our business. (Read the Entire Story Here)