So, we're supposed to get snow again? At least that's what the weathermen are saying on TV. Today was supposed to be precipitation free, but we have had snowflakes falling out here in Midlothian.

The weathermen, who tell us to "stay tuned" to their channel for the latest updates on the "severe" weather to come. Watch our news show, see the commercials on our station, make your decisions based on what we say the weather is going to do. Anyone remember a couple of weeks ago when school systems throughout the central Virginia region closed, because it was "supposed" to snow the next day? So, the school's closed for the next day and the snow......did.....not......start.......until 2-3 hours after school closing time that day.

The point I am trying to make with all this is that we have become slaves to the TV and weather forecasters. I simply do not remember this sort of behavior from my youth. Weathermen back then seemed to me to be more cautious and more reticent to make these dire predictions. And we, the people, would react to what was, what happened, as opposed to what "might happen." Oh, I'm not saying we shouldn't be prepared, but how about not acting like a panicked teenage girl who can't find her smartphone before anything has even happened.

With all the latest technology available to weather forecasters they can do a pretty good job most of the time, but this WATCH US NOW WATCH US ALL DAY panic mode is getting really annoying. And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, these predictions they make are based on computer models that show possible outcomes based on current events. These same "computer models" are used to predict weather patterns 10, 20 100 years out, which is where we get all the global warming garbage from. So, if they can't get the weather right two days from now, why the hell would we alter our nations very economy and lifestyle based on 50-100 year projections?