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Should you abandon the words liberal and conservative?


By Perry Willis and Jim Babka

Last week we used five Zero Aggression Project mini-articles to promote the idea that government and The State are NOT the same thing.

We closed the week with a strategic essay arguing that libertarians should embrace the word government. In other words...

We should be pro-government but anti-state.

Today we want to introduce two new mini-articles...

These articles go together. The second one makes another strategic proposal about how you should use words.

  • Should you stop using the words liberal and conservative?

  • What should you use instead?

We make a proposal that also covers terms like socialist and progressive.

You can read each of the articles listed above in under 30 seconds, and share them with others even quicker. Click on the titles...

Statists and Statism

Left-Statists and Right-Statists

  • If you like one or both of the articles, share them, using Facebook, etc.

  • Please also consider using these ideas in your own conversations and Internet discussions

Coming soon: More Zero Aggression mini-articles, plus, our new ZAP polling software. Stay tuned!

Ending soon: The ZAP Founders Committee will close at the end of March. To join, contribute before the deadline.

Perry Willis and Jim Babka

Zero Aggression Project