Born and Raised in the Republican Party – A Sad Blind Tale and Awakening to the Faux Republicans like Eric Cantor

Commentary by Kirby Harris

I was born into and raised, since I was a small child, in Republican Politics. My mother was a Republican Party Activist and a local chairman. I met many National and Virginia politicians over my many, many years, and witnessed many Republican Party and historical events.

As a child of about eight, I watched Virginia’s soon to be Republican Governor Dalton make a quick shave in our family’s master bathroom sink during a campaign stop in my town. This was a very exciting thing for me to see, what was to me a very famous person from TV, as well as an important person to our state in my home doing what I had seen my dad do on a regular basis. This was very surreal. Oh wow they eyes of a child.

I also regularly played with the children of, then neighbor and good friend of my Mom’s, a rising Virginia Republican Star Paul Trible Jr. We enjoyed many visits to his home over the years. We thought he would rise to greater heights, but he left Republican politics a way back after serving as a Virginia Congressman and US Senator and then failing to secure the nomination for Governor losing to Marshall Coleman who went on to lose to Democrat Douglas L Wilder.

My most vivid memory was, as a twelve year old, dancing with a, still beautiful at the time, drunken Movie Queen Elizabeth Taylor by her request. What was a 12 year old boy to do? I grew up watching her in movies, especially the ones before my time. This took place at a fundraiser for her then husband Senator John Warner. This is something I will never forget.

I believe, but could be wrong since I was a child, that back in the 1970s the Republican Party was pretty decent, and most that were in the party were for the People and the Constitution. I know my mother was.

Through my teen years I kind of drifted from politics. I was interested in fun, parties and girls. And boy did I persue that, often not with the best results.

Eventually, I got back into politics in my twenties during the 1990s and was part of the Republican Revolution of 1993. I was also a hardcore ‘Ollie North for Virginia US Senate’ activist. I was the chairman of the College Republicans where I attended college. I was a GOP warrior ready to battle the evil Democrats. I also met my lovely wife at this time. We even spent our honeymoon at that year’s College Republican convention.

MY hopes were high for this country. I thought the woes of the country we were experiencing were because the Democrats who were liars and an evil cabal that wanted to destroy decency, capitalism, America and the Constitution. But to me the  Republicans were honest, principled and wanted to save America and the Constitution.

I finally got burned out and dropped out in the late 1990s, because I saw no matter what ‘we did’ nothing changed. I thought nothing changed because the democrats had no morals and were evil, and that the Republicans were too good and honest to win the dirty game of politics. Boy was I wrong for the reasons that I thought nothing ever changed.

Then in 2007, I was revived with a new hope when a friend told me about a certain little Congressman from Texas who was running for President. At first I thought he was just some goof, until I read a Wikipedia Article, yes a Wikipedia article, that the Paul Campaign themselves promoted. When I read his stances, I noticed for the most part that they were the stances that I had always had as an adult in Republican politics. There were a few, but only a few, that I didn’t agree with, but I have evolved on those issues. If I had agreed with him on every issue I would be worried…lol. Throughout the years I had had some neo-conservative views that were at war with my non-interventionist polices. It was a non-intervention except when A and B would occur, then I justified intervention. Those views changed as time progressed and I realized my contradictory positions.

Once I read the article, on this Congressman running for President (who was obscure at the time), to my wife, she said wow he is the perfect candidate. And this friend introducing us to Dr. Ron Paul changed our lives, at least politically, which actually did change things over all.

At this time in 2007, I hadn’t quite realized the disconnect between the Republican ideals of old, including the Republican Creed, and what many modern Republican politicians were actually advocating and how they voted (unannounced to the base) against the old and current values of republicanism. I believed the rhetoric by Eric Cantor, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party that Eric Cantor and the Republican Party were 100% conservative. I then was like many today, a low information voter who believed all the lies from the Republican-Democrat controlled political system.

I soon realized that they (both sides) claimed that they are the conservative or the liberal advocate, and are bitter enemies of the other party who are out to destroy America. But when you look deeper (read their records), you realize that instead that they are working together (vote mostly the same way), while using a few pet issues to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they pass laws, for their corporate masters who have bought them, that steal our wealth and take our natural rights and liberties.

I woke up because I did something RADICAL, and something the establishment politicians and leaders of the both parties don’t want you to do. I READ Cantor’s record. I looked at the Party’s record. I looked at ALL their records. And I didn’t like what I saw. An informed voter I had become.

I now see that Eric Cantor and 90% of the Republican leadership, elected politicians, media pundits and the like and 98% of Democrats in the same categories are corrupt and not for the people or our Constitution, but for themselves and their corporate owners.

Now before I get accused of being anti-business or anti-capitalist. I am no such thing. I am 100% for free market capitalism and a free for the People, of the People and by the People government. That is why I oppose the socialism and the buying of government by the corporations by the like of the Buffets, the Soros and Koch Brothers of the world. That is why I am against Crony (phony) Capitalists supporters like Eric Cantor, John Boener and Newt Gingrich, as well as fake Progressives (who are really crony capitalists) like Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Here in this video is Eric Cantor’s anti-liberty progressive voting record as late as 2012, and he has added onto this list since then. For instance Cantor is supporting Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, supporting killing Americans ONLY suspected of terror IF the president says so, and the list of big government and progressive voting from Eric Cantor and establishment Republicans is growing. This record mirrors most Democrat and a large portion of Republicans politicians.


This is why I now support real Liberty Candidates, Real Republicans like Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Justin Amash and former Congressman Ron Paul. And will support a Third Party candidate when there is no decent Republican candidate to vote for. Is this deserting my Party?

I realize now the answer is NO!  When my party puts up an anti-Liberty, pro-growing government candidate, then like Ronald Reagan did way back when, when he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me”, that “I never left the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me.”