Eric Cantor comes under fire from SuperPAC

By Jamie Radtke

BratCantorWebThe Bull Elephant has just been made aware of a new SuperPAC that was formed this month, VA Vision Action PAC, that will start running ads against Eric Cantor. They state that they are “RINO hunters” who want to hold Republican politicians accountable who fail to live up to the Republican Creed.

Va Vision Action PAC has developed two ads. The first ad is called, “Florida” and talks about Eric Cantor attending the Main Street PAC fundraiser (an anti-tea party PAC) at the Ritz Carlton in Florida this weekend.

The Florida ad starts off by saying,

Four years ago, Tea Party conservatives put Republicans in charge of Congress and Eric Cantor became Majority Leader. But this weekend, Cantor is in Florida raising money to defeat Tea Party conservatives. Why?

According to the Daily Caller the Main Street PAC referenced in this ad that Eric Cantor is attending as a speaker is an,

anti-tea party PAC devoted to fighting conservatives within the GOP…The event will reportedly be attended by $5,000 donors to the PAC, which sells $5,000 tickets to its events on its website. The event will be hosted at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island in Nassau County, Florida.

The Republican Main Street Partnership PAC was formed in part by board member and former congressman Steve LaTourette, who has committed himself to raising money and running ads to defend centrist congressional Republican candidates from tea party primary challengers. LaTourette is the president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a prominent advocacy group for the centrist wing of the GOP. His separate anti-tea party super PAC Defending Main Street had by February received most of its funding from labor unions.

…LaTourette said that tea partiers are happy to call him a “RINO” but that that they go “apoplectic” when the “RINO gets a gun” and “fires back. Here’s the deal: we didn’t start this fight,” LaTourette said, “but I’m going to finish it.

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