Eric Cantor Political Consultant Shaun Kenney Appointed Exec Dir of Republican Party Virginia – Fair Election?

by Maggie • April 21, 2014  -  Printed in its entirety with permission from owner of Maggie’s Notebook

Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA), majority whip for the U.S. House of Representatives, has quite a game going in his home state of Virginia, maybe a game ending in political life or death. Cantor, a left-leaning Republican, teetering on the Dave Brat - Eric Cantorright edge of a seat on the left side of the aisle (see it here in graph form) has reportedly hired K6 Consulting Group to manage his June primary and opponent, conservative anti-amnesty economics professor Dr. Dave Brat. Connected to K6 is Shaun Kenney a well-known, Cantor-supporting blogger on a site billed as “Virginia’s premiere conservative web site.” Kenney was recently appointed Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). Kenney’s wife is listed as the “principal” of K6, Shaun’s brother is involved and Shaun Kenney is registered as the owner of the K6 website. There is a palpable conflict here. Cantor’s former political director has said Dave Brat “is probably the first time that Eric has had a credible opponent with a comparable education and background”.Convenient, huh. Put a blogger, Shaun Kenney, who has been quite favorable to Cantor in the past, and who formerly served as the RPV communications director, into the Executive Director seat of your state Republican Party, and then hire his wife’s company to direct your campaign. Maybe Karl Rove worked this out on his white board.

I could tell you stories coming from active Republicans in the Virginia Republican Party about Kenney’s recent, worrying, political shift on his blog, but it’s already been done here: Banana Republicans: New Head of Virginia GOP on Eric Cantor’s Payroll.

Quoting Virginia Right:

Update 6:30 AM – Wednesday [April 16, 2014] – K6 Consulting dot com is registered in Shaun Kenney’s name. So what we find so far is that

Shaun Kenney

Shaun Kenney’s wife Melissa is the Principal Owner of K6 Consulting, Shaun Kenney is the owner of the Website Name yet we are told all payments to K6 consulting go to Shaun’s brother and JR Hoeft who do not appear on any of the documents I can find on the internet.

This is beginning to remind me of Eric Cantor’s sneaky amendment that made insider trading illegal for Congressmen yet exempted Cantor’s wife. And it begs the question that if Shaun Kenney is not benefiting from checks written to K6, why are he and his wife even involved?

Update 10:30 PM: I did a little research on K6 Consulting LLC and found some interesting information looking up the company information. This link names a Melissa Kenney as the Principal, which is Shaun’s wife. And I assume this is where the checks go.

K6 Consulting Group LLc
XXXX Venable Rd
Kents Store, VA 23084
Contact: Melissa Kenney
Title: Principal
Phone 434-589-XXXX

The Bull Elephant:

From Sara for America, now a Texan but was once a Tea Party founder in Virginia (much more on Cantor’s background and “pathetic” voting record here):

Eric Cantor has drawn a tea party opponent that has some serious bona fides.  Meet Dave Brat:

Brat has a few interesting factors working in his favor. First, he’s expecting support from some of the deep-pocketed outside groups that have long been frustrated with the current Republican leadership. Brat couldn’t speak on the record about which groups he has met with, but he tells NRO that the political figures and organizations that have indicated interest in his candidacy are “as big as they get.”

“I think it’s safe to say it will definitely rattle some cages when it comes out,” he says….

Why  would we want to challenge Eric Cantor when he’s next in line to succeed John Boehner, and is one of the most powerful  leaders in DC?…

The short answer from Sara is that Cantor is not interested in meeting with constituents or debating opponents. His wife is an editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, so constituents get an occasional viewpoint in the print media, and the free beer at his annual picnic — that’s about the extent of his contact with We the People, but he did have time to attend a fundraiser designed to destroy the Tea Party and conservatives – a tony event at an exclusive hotel on Florida’s Amelia Island. More on that below.

I have it on good authority that Pat Mullins, chairman of the RPV has been asked to explain how Kenney was hired to a job that should be designed to further the choices of Republicans in the state of Virginia, to be fair and objective to all candidates, yet is on the payroll of the incumbent. A second question: is there an employment contract that should prevent this possible ambush of the people’s choice?

If you are a conservative in Virginia, you are forced to fight your own party.

Around 5:45 p.m. Monday, March 24 swaths of conservatives marched into the Henrico Board of Supervisors Meeting Room in Henrico, Virginia—inside Cantor’s congressional district. They were there for the Henrico Republican Mass Meeting, something both Cantor and his conservative primary challenger Dave Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College, had been pushing their respective supporters to attend.

The meeting, Virginia activists say, had morphed into a surprise proxy battle because of a series of recent incidents in which GOP party officials departed from tradition and excluded dozens of conservative activists from attending local party conventions. The practice has been named “slating” and has come up in other states’ GOP party chapters sought to exclude acolytes of Rep. Ron Paul.

At the end of the above meeting:

…conservatives nominated one of their activists, Russ Moulton, to serve as the meeting’s chairman. As the final votes were being tallied, loud cheers drowned out the count, but Moulton won by 5-10 votes, according to White.

Moulton opted to follow tradition and allow any Republican in good standing to attend the convention.

In an interview, Moulton ripped Cantor for working against conservative activists.

“I don’t understand why Eric Cantor is picking such a public fight with the conservatives in his own base,” Moulton said. “The Tea Party, the Liberty movement, pro-life conservatives, pro-gun activists. Source: Breitbart

Full recognition came into the bright light of a Spring day with that recent meeting, sponsored and funded by George Soros and the Republican Main Street PAC, a PAC working for nothing “main street” Republican:

Obviously, what’s reported was going to go on there on Amelia Island has been very disturbing to all of us who are very conservative in the House…we’re the people that apparently intended to be the target of what they’re doing on Amelia Island….

When the subject is, as it has been portrayed, that we’re going to have a fundraiser and help destroy the Tea Party, then that’s like saying, ‘gee, this goose is laying these golden eggs, so why don’t we kill the goose, cut it open and see what happens then, cause it’s just making too much noise. We’re tired of the goose honking.’ ~ Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

In today’s political environment, when spending and corruption are rampant and Eric Cantor is attending meetings funded by George Soros, itching for amnesty, and with a conservative opponent making the path back to Washington no walk in the park, Cantor must have felt he had to do something. Integrity calls for Kenney to voluntarily step down from his new position at the RPV, for the RPV to simultaneously give him his walking papers, and for Cantor to publicly demand it.

Virginia Right says Dave Brat is the Republican Eric Cantor Pretends to Be.”

Ann Coulter endorsed Brat for very specific reasons:

Anyone opposing an incumbent Republican for any reason other than amnesty is a fraud or an idiot. Right now, immigration and Obamacare are the only things that matter. Since every Republican voted against Obamacare, that leaves only immigration.

Conservatives who ignore amnesty while carping about the debt ceiling, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), the Internet tax bill or Benghazi are too stupid to help their country.

Freedom Works ranks Cantor at 43 percent conservative for 2014 and 59 percent for 2013, 37 percent for 2012.

I know people waiting for (shocked that it hasn’t happened already) Shaun Kenney to be released from his position as Executive Director of the RPV. Just how powerful is Eric Cantor?

Make no mistake about it, all politics are NOT local. Every vote cast by Eric Cantor on Capitol Hill affects my family in Oklahoma and yours wherever you are. If you can help Dave Brat fight uphill against the establishment, visit him here, and visit him here even if you can’t help.

I want to thank Daley Gator for adding Maggie’s Notebook, for the second time, to their list of 25 Best Conservative Blogs Now. If I were brave enough to publish such a list, Doug and Ed would be on it.

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