Shaun Kenney’s First Act as Executive Director of Republican Party of VA is to Praise Illegal Immigrants

by Sara James


Read it and weep.

As the “Fast for Families Across America” national bus tour enters its sixth week, faith, labor and immigrant rights advocates traveled to Richmond’s Monroe Park Thursday to launch a four day water-only fast hoping that Rep. Eric Cantor will use his leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives to force immigration reform to a vote in 2014.

According to the organization’s press release:  ”In addition to SEIU’s Medina and NHCLC Suarez, fasters were joined by Virginia Organizing’s Ray Scher; Virginia State Delegate Delores McQuinn; Sojourners’ President Jim Wallis and Senior Director of Mobilizing Lisa Sharon Harper; the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Michel Sajur; RVA Dreamer Yanet Limon; and Virginia constituents and families who’ve been impacted by the country’s broken immigration system.”

No mention of Virginia citizen constituents and families who have been negatively impacted by illegal immigration in the form of higher welfare payments and suppressed wages.

Here’s the kick in the gut:

Today, Virginia constituents and the fasters made a visit to the Republican Party of Virginia headquarters in Richmond. Initially to drop off a letter, the Chairman of the party welcomed “Fast for Families” and others to discuss the prospects of immigration reform.

“This is not an issue of right or left, this is an issue of right and wrong. And that’s what we need to hear… If we are going to have any sort of solution on immigration policy that is moral, that is just, that honors the sacrifices not just of our families and friends and our forefathers but of what America ought to be — you’ve done a small part here today. I can’t thank you enough for coming here today,” stated Shaun Kenney, Executive Director, Virginia Republican Party. “From our perspective, if we only do this [immigration reform] because we are gathering votes – wrong motive. Let’s do it because it’s the right thing to do. Let’s do it because it is moral and just and because it builds a better America.”

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