I had not intended to write on this question, partly because the issue seemed dead in Virginia and partly because I was told this might actually encourage others to embrace the Convention of States idea.
But I must say a few words.  I was led by an email I got from Del. Lingamfelter.  Now my respect and admiration for the Prince William delegate is great.  But his email is in error.  The Convention of States is a disastrous idea.  It could break up the United States.  Here’s how:
Suppose the Convention of States runs away from its call and seeks a new Constitution.  It is not a chimerical fear:  It happened before.  In 1787.  Thank the Lord of Hosts that the Founding Fathers were able to craft a beautiful document of liberty (yes it condoned slavery that is why my other hero – Garrison – the one that Maryland needs to pardon – burned a copy of the Original Constitution in

 Boston in the 1850s. BUT that Original Constitution also had the seeds in it to abolish slavery, too through amendment.) that reflected in large part a libertarian document with separation of powers, federalism and limited government.
It is the politicians that refuse to follow the Constitution we have.  Why should they obey a new one?
But here is the rub:  the 1787 Convention did exceed its brief to strength the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce and maybe have taxing power.  They wrote a whole new document!  And they said it becomes effective when nine states adopt it.