Public meeting TODAY November 18th, 2015 (Wednesday) on massive Chesterfield Bikeways Plan

Originally Posted by Eric McGrane on the Richmond Tea Party Website on November 17th, 2015
Now’s your chance to have your voice be heard regarding the massive Chesterfield bikeways plan. (Plan details) The county has plans to build miles and miles of new bike/pedestrian paths, spider-webbing all over the county. Current estimates are around $300 million over the next several years. And we know how cost overruns occur…the county was just off by 9 MILLION dollars for a school.This is the same county government that just tried to pass a NEW meals tax on residents, because the county didn’t have enough money for critical services. But somehow we’ll have money for bike paths? This is sheer lunacy given the current economic conditions. Bookmark this page, because we’ll say now that this plan WILL be “funded” on debt.
You’ll hear that “this is just a plan…it doesn’t commit funds”…but that’s just word games. What the county will do is add the approved plan to an election ballot as a bond referendum, and because everyone will vote for bike paths (who doesn’t love bike paths??), voila, instant debt funding.
But we have no chance of slowing (or stopping) this plan without your help. To win the game,you have to be on the field.
Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM, Chesterfield Public Meeting Room, 10001 Iron Bridge Rd. Chesterfield VA. Get directions here: Directions
And bring a friend. Or two friends. Or heck…bring your entire family. Your children will thank you for not running up more debt.