Harry Reid: I Don’t Need A Lot of Republicans to Help Me- I’ve Got John McCain because he has backed away from the Tea Party

McCainReid-300x162“See I don’t need a lot of Republicans to help me. And that’s why I so admire John McCain. John McCain and I came to the House together 31 years ago. We came to the Senate together at the same time. He and I have fought over the years but we’re also very very good, good friends. And he broke away from the pack. So, he doesn’t control the Republican caucus but he controls probably 10 people there. That’s all I needed. And we were able to get a lot of things done. We nominated scores, we confirmed scores of nominees. And because of him we were able to get immigration reform done. We’ve been able to do some things. But it’s because of John McCain breaking away from this ideological anarchy-driven Tea Party that has so much control over Republicans in Congress.” (Read more here)