Is it time for the Tea Party to become a political party?

I don't always agree politically with Judson Phillips, but I saw this article in the Washington Times Community Section, and he is spot on 100% regarding this issue of the Republican Party using the Tea Party with nothing in return for the Tea Party.

But while I agree 100% with his synopsis in this particular article about how the GOP Establishment only uses and manipulates the Tea Party, while it disdains them and then ignores them and offers them nothing in return, if the Tea Party does become a political party will it be born with basically the same divide it has now?

Especially the divide on foreign policy? Will a new party with mostly the same old cast of characters from the old Republican Party who latch on to the Tea Party, even if its in name only, avoid the same pitfalls of the current Republican Party?

Yes it will be devoid of the John McCains, Lindsay Graham's, John Boehners and Eric Cantors because of issues like amnesty and capitulation to Obama and the democrats, but it will still have the foreign policy divide, among a few other issues, that we are currently witnessing in a fight between libertarian conservatives and neoconservatives.

What's the point of starting a new 'Tea Party' party, if we just carry the baggage from one party to another? You tell me.

Here is a snippet of the article so you can decide:

It is time for the Tea Party to divorce the Republican Party and start its own political party.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the Tea Party swept into the political vacuum left by the Republican Party in 2009. There was no voice for conservatives. The GOP had surrendered to its big government wing. And because of that, the GOP had been shellacked in 2006 and 2008.

The GOP would not stand up for conservative principles and the Tea Party was born.
In 2010, the Tea Party swept the Republicans into power in the House of Representatives.
What does the Tea Party have to show for it?

For the last two and a half years, the Tea Party has watched House Speaker John Boehner raise his freshly laundered white flag of surrender time and time again. (Read the Article Here)

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