How Can We Scare Them Today?


When it became obvious that "Global Warming" was not really occurring, the scramble was on to rename it, so it became "Global Climate Change." Of course we all know that climate change occurs every year, it's called "the seasons." But, the political aspect of this new phenomena could not be allowed to slip away, so it must have a name, a name that stirs up fear in the general populace. This fear can then be used to increase government meddling in many aspects of our lives and, of course, call for more spending by that government (which means more taxes/fees on us).

Along comes scientific data that shows that we are actually in a cooling period, not a warming period, and that has to be explained away in order to allow the government to maintain its contention that it must alter and control more of our life. What to do, what to say? I want each of you to think back, maybe even do a Google search. Can anyone ever remember hearing the term "Polar Vortex" before this year? I can't. I fancy myself a pretty "involved" individual when it comes to politics and things that affect my life and I cannot recall ever hearing of a polar vortex before. Oh, I'm sure it has existed and the term used by others, in various venues, but it never seemed to rise to the level of importance necessary to be used in news stories and political circles.

Just thought I would point that out.