Proof Eric Cantor is a Desperate, Despicable Liar

By Tom White

US IsraelLast month after Conservative Republican Dave Brat announced he would seek the Republican Nomination for the 7th District Congressional seat, Cantor fired off an email calling TEA Party favorite Brat

Today a liberal economics professor announced he will challenge Congressman Cantor in the Republican primary. Professor David Brat has kicked off his campaign pretending to be a conservative …

Cantor was chastised for his misleading email and got quite a black eye over that and has admitted fundraising is suffering. (Here is a hint Eric – the voters don’t like being lied to!)

A few minutes ago, Cantor released another misleading email intentionally failing to name the “liberal” opponent in a scandalous omission of truth:

Cantor Opponent Attacks NRA, Fox News and the Family Foundation

It has been a busy few days for Congressman Cantor’s liberal opponent. He took to twitter to declare that the Family Foundation is a hate group, compared the NRA to the KKK and that Fox News should be regulated by the FCC. Clearly his views are not in line with 7th district voters.

Now Cantor’s low information followers might assume Cantor was talking about Dr. Dave Brat.

Nowhere in the email did Eric Cantor mention a name. Only “my opponent”.

But the truth is, these words against the NRA, the Family Foundation and Fox News were written by the Democrat who plans to challenge the winner of the Republican Primary – which does not take place until June.

So at this point, the only challenger Cantor has is Dave Brat.

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