Chesterfield Tea Party Spokesman Floyd Bayne Interviewed by WRIC News 8 about the proposed Chesterfield County Real Estate Tax Increases by the Board of Supervisors.

Commentary by Kirby Harris, Chairman of the Chesterfield Tea Party

chesterfieldteaparty-floydbayneWe all know that the Chesterfield County Government has been feverishly trying to find a way to pay for essential services, as well as to continue all the wasteful spending tucked in the obese budgets. They always try to say but it’s the teachers, the fireman and the police. The children and public safety are in danger.

But what they (Chesterfield government) fail to tell you is that the children and teachers, as well as the public safety through firemen and policemen would be fine, IF they (Chesterfield government) would cut ALL the waste, pork and fat.

But liberal parents, educators and public safety advocates just don’t get it, or don’t admit that raising taxes isn’t need to help or fund education or public safety IF the county would just cut the fat. They, in unison with government leaders always pine about not enough revenue, and haven’t met a tax they haven’t liked.

Well the Chesterfield Tea Party’s very own Floyd Bayne talked to WRIC News 8 reporter Mark Tenia on the subject days before the Board of Supervisors Meeting at 3:00 PM Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. This is where they will decide rather to raise your real estate taxes. (Directions: Public Meeting Room, 10001 Iron Bridge Road)
Here’s what Floyd had to say to News 8:

But critics like the Chester Patriots, the Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance and the Chesterfield Tea Party are fighting those efforts.

“They always use the teachers, the school children, public safety as the reason we need to raise taxes,” said Floyd Bayne, a Chesterfield substitute teacher and a member of the Chesterfield Tea Party.

Bayne continued, “I'm just tired of the government at all levels using us as some sort of bottomless pit of money they could go to whenever they feel like they need it.”

According to Bayne, a number of cuts can be made in the county, including some positions and salaries.

“Some of these positions that I just mentioned that we're paying for can be done away with, abolished, we don't need them. Why do we need three doctors and a psychiatrist on Chesterfield County payroll?”

***Make sure you attend the meeting and let them know that you want them to CUT WASTE not raise your property taxes!!! Make sure you go to the Board of Supervisors meeting where they will decide FI they are going to raise your real estate taxes at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014.

Directions: Public Meeting Room, 10001 Iron Bridge Road)