Have done some deep soul searching and I Have come to the Conclusion That I am now an atheistic, macro evolution believing, manmade global warming believing, and a big government advocate. - REVISED April 2nd - April Fools!!

by Kirby Harris - REVISED April 2nd - April Fools!!

As the title suggests I have done some deep soul searching. This has been a long time coming. I have fought it with all of my being. But I have come to a few conclusions:

1) That God is a fairy tale, to help man get through. I realized this has to be true, because many people who are smarter than me have said s, and these people would never say anything exists without hard evidence. And there is NO hard evidence for God’s existence. Again these very smart people would ever say something exists or may exist without proof. So I am sure they don’t believe in other unprovable nonsense like Multiple Universe Theory, Dark Matter Theory, belief in other dimensions and the like.

2) That Macro Evolution (the earth is billions of years old) is fact, and the evidence is overwhelming. The evidence is that many very smart people, smarter than me, say its true because they have come up with educated guesses (or theories) that MUST be true based on them looking at observable data. And we know that IF ALL scientists have come to the same conclusion, then it must be correct. Why would they lie or make this up?

3) That Global Warming is true, because there is No evidence to the contrary, and 97% of scientists agree that there is man-made global warming. 97% of scientists Can’t be wrong. That’s to many. Its not like the majority of people in the USA wanted slavery back in the day, because that many people can’t be wrong. So the 97% of scientists number can’t be wrong, and there is NO way that the 97% number could be fudged.

Besides NASA says its true, and there is NO way a government agency could be compromised or agenda driven. Only private corporations can be compromised (by greed) and have an agenda, not public corporations like the government. The government, with the right people, unlike Bush or Hitler, does care about us people. The Bush’s and Hitler’s were poisoned by private corporate mentalities.

4) And finally, I realized how silly conservatism and libertarianism is. How selfish it is. How it robs the poor of the things they deserve like internet access, cell phones, free birth control, free food, free housing, free healthcare, free transportation and anything else the greedy people have. Besides its not really those greedy rich people’s money, since it ALL belongs to the Federal Reserve, the US government’s own private bank. So what IF it is owned by nameless faceless 1%ers since they are some of the benevolent ones, like George Soros and Warren Buffet, who help the people through the government and aren’t greedy with their billions at all.

The government with the right people, who care, actually is good for us. Look at all the greedy, stupid things we the people do, and how we harm each other. The government can stop all that harm and greed, IF we just let it get big enough. And with the support of the GOOD 1%ers , then we can take what’s ours from these evil selfish greedy folks>

Government should make those other rich jerks take care of me and my children. Why should I or anyone work for this stuff our selves when these rich people and corporation shave enough money to take care of us all.

FINALLY, It was hard to come to this conclusion, but I had no choice, since its ONLY logical, and any other way of thinking is ignorant. And the people like I once was, are ignorant propaganda fed. None of us are smart enough to figure it out without ALL the great intellectuals out there.

Hope I haven’t shocked any of you who have known me for a very long time.