Is The Fix In?

By Floyd Bayne


I have been mulling this over and I want you to, as well. We will set aside all the tings that Eric Cantor has said and voted for from 2000-2010, the stuff I kept trying to tell people about, and just focus on the last four years. Apparently some folks are finally starting to wake up to the progressive that is Eric Cantor.

This is an election year for Cantor. You can tell, because of all the e-mails and Facebook posts that he (or his camp) have been making, espousing "conservative" issues. He usually is not quite so "vocal" on his social media. Of course I know that these posts are all......bovine excrement, but the low-information voters just eat it up.

Back to Cantor's record; Over the last four years he has continued to vote to fund Obamacare, raise the debt ceiling, repeal the STOCK Act, so his family can continue to inside trade, he is backing amnesty for illegal aliens, and he and his camp continue to try and stifle free speech and keep delegates that they oppose out of the conventions, just to name a few things. All of these should, and apparently have, anger many of his constituents, as they are less than "conservative" stances. Yet he continues to double down.

This year he also faces what many are calling a "credible challenge" from one Dave Brat. As in the past, Cantor is avoiding a debate at all costs, once again denying the voters a chance to see him defend his actions in Congress. So, we must ask ourselves, "Why?" Why would he continue to do things that are likely to anger his constituents? Is it because he is not really worried about getting reelected? Does he know something that we don't? Is the "fix" in?

Oh, but Floyd, you exclaim, there is no fix. The people will decide the election. Really? Does anyone remember how the party treated Ron Paul at the national level? Remember the Tampa convention? Do you think there is any chance that the numbers from the primary votes in that election year were tampered with at all? Does Cantor and the party have the money, the wherewithal, the desire, and the willingness to tamper with the numbers? What do you think?

Again I ask, "Why would a man up for reelection continue to do things that are sure to anger his voters, unless he knew he had nothing to worry about?"