Obama, Russia, Ukraine and World War Three?

By Kirby Harris

ww3Could a meddling Obama and a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine cause a new Cold War or launch World War III? Is Russia really gearing up to invade Ukraine, or is it all political war theatre?

And what does Obama do since this began?

Obama, instead of minding his own business, has put financial sanctions on Russia for allowing Crimea to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Then when Ukraine gears up and beats the war drums and rears its head against Russia over the sour grapes involving the Crimea succession, then Russia, who by no means are good guys, respond with like actions.

russianinvasionAnd as the tensions rise, Russia then starts amassing troops along the border of Ukraine to stop possible Ukrainian assaults on Russia. So is Russia really gearing up to invade Ukraine or just amassing troops to defend their border against Ukraine, the US and the West?

So what does Obama do now? Does he say wow this is escalating we, the US , need to stay out of it?


Instead, Obama ratchets up the sanctions and then sends troops to all the nations surrounding Russia.


Are the Republicans attacking Obama for getting the US sucked in further and further to a war that is not ours, and drawing the US possibly into World War III?


The Republicans are attacking Obama for NOT doing more and calling him incompetent. The Republicans are right about Obama being incompetent in foreign affairs, but NOT because he is weak or fearful to act. He is incompetent because he is doing what the War monger Republicans want, just not as bold as they would like. He is incompetent for getting involved at all.

Let’s all pray that all these jackasses in charge of our War Machine don’t get us all killed in Wolrd War Three!!!!

Commentary based partly on this article:


Story from AP

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Ukraine's deputy foreign minister said Friday he fears an imminent Russian invasion.

"We have the information we are in danger," Danylo Lubkivsky told reporters at the United Nations.

He spoke as an official in Ukraine confirmed that pro-Russian forces had detained a team of military observers with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The official said the team would be released after further investigation.

Lubkivsky said 20 members had been taken and called it shocking and unprecedented. "We demand to release hostages," he said.

Tensions have spiked as Russia increases military exercises along the Ukraine border. Lubkivsky called it a "very dangerous development" and demanded that Russia withdraw its troops.