Shocking Photos From Bundy Raid

written by daniel mcadams  -  tuesday april 22, 2014

Many thanks to Shannon Bushman for his superb work documenting the truly shocking assault by armed federal agents on the Bundy Ranch, and many thanks for him sending them to us at the Ron Paul Institute with his permission to reprint. Looking at some of these photos it almost seems as if we are in Egypt or Ukraine, where a heavily-armed military turns its guns on its own peaceful citizens. While neocons, humanitarian interventionists, and even some who call themselves libertarian are so eager for the US government to spread liberty (by force) overseas, they seem to show little concern for government's relentless assault on liberty at home.

Here is just a sample of Mr. Bushman's excellent work (click to enlarge):

Bundy1 Bundy2Bundy3 Bundy4
Bundy5 Bundy6
Bundy8 Bundy9