The Floyd Bayne Curriculum

By Floyd Bayne

Among the questions that Common Core has on the history portion of its curriculum is this: "Was the Holocaust a hoax?"

OK, fair enough, now I'd like to add some of my own. These will be on the history/government exam under the Floyd Bayne curriculum:

Are the United States of America a "voluntary" Union of states? Explain.

If the Thirteen Colonies created the United States of America by seceding from Great Britain is it an acceptable legal/philosophical doctrine for a state to secede from the Union? Why/Why not?

If secession is illegal/unconstitutional should the state of West Virginia be allowed to continue to exist? Why/Why not?

Could the institution of slavery have been abolished in the United States of America without the deaths/injuries of over 600,000 Americans? Explain.

Had any other countries, in the history of mankind, ever abolished the institution of slavery without a fratricidal war? Cite examples.

Did President James Polk create a false flag incident/lie to get the U.S. in a war with Mexico for the express purpose of taking more land in the west?

Were Abraham Lincoln's actions during the War of Northern Aggression tyrannical or Constitutional in nature? Explain.

Was Theodore Roosevelt a patriot or a nationalist? Define both and explain.

Was Woodrow Wilson a racist? A Eugenicist? Cite examples.

Was FDR's Square Deal actually the first steps toward socialism/fascism in the United States? Define socialism/fascism. Cite examples from FDR's administrations and compare to the socialist/fascist doctrines.

Was President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society an abysmal failure? Explain. Was it more harmful than helpful to the black family in America? Explain and cite relevant statistics.

Does the National Organization for Women (NOW) really care about issues that are important to all women or only for those who are Democrats? Cite/explain examples.

Are the rights listed in our nation's Bill of Rights individual rights or collective rights? Why/Why not? Explain individual vs. collective.

In a constitutional republic who is ultimately responsible for the nation's well-being? Explain.

Under our Constitution should American citizens be treated as members of a group/category or as individuals, when it comes to the application of our laws? Explain.

Should members of certain groups/categories have special laws/rights applied to them or the same laws that apply to all? Explain.

Is our form of government, constitutional republic, set up to create a caste system? Should there be a "royal" class of citizens in our country? Explain.

Under our form of government is there anyone who is above the law/to whom our laws do not/should not apply? Explain.

That should keep you busy for now. I want you all to study hard and be ready for the next exam. In the meantime I want these questions answered in number 12 font, double spaced, and all citations in MLA format.

Now then, I'm going to start working on the math portion of the curriculum. Hmmm, what does 2 + 2 = ?

Still think that the federal Department of Education is about what's best for your kids?