Virginia 7th District Tea Party and Republican Grass Roots Voters Say Cantor Cronyism Out, Dave Brat In and the Floyd Bayne Factor

By Kirby Harris

AP PhotoTea Party Activists from local Tea Party groups like Chesterfield Tea Party, Chester Patriots, Richmond Tea Party and many others said ‘NO’ to political and capitalist cronyism.

They said yes to Free Markets and NO to corrupt career politicians.

They shocked the nation and the political class of the left and right by replacing embattled Eric Cantor with Milton Friedman disciple and Free Market conservative Dave Brat.

This was a seismic event because Cantor outspent Brat about 25 to 1 ($5 million to $250,000).

But before you congratulate the grassroots voters, the local Tea Party groups, Dave Brat  or his well known endorsers (Mark Levin, Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham), you need to look to none other than Floyd Bayne.

Bayne paved the way to unseating the House Majority Leader. Since before 2010 Floyd had been shouting from the rooftops to anyone who would listen of Cantor’s crony politics, crony capitalism and big government voting on spending, Federal Authority and loss of Individual Constitutional guaranteed Liberties.

In 2010, Bayne ran as an independent against Cantor, and gathered those who were awake to Cantor duplicitousness and big government voting. They woke up more people. Bayne garnered the biggest support for an independent in Virginia’s 7th District History, with a Democrat in the race. He got 7% of the vote.

Then in 2012, many asked Floyd to join the Republican Party and primary Eric Cantor. More people awoke to Cantor and his double political life, touting to be a solid conservative, but voting big government. This time Bayne got 20% in the Republican Primary, paving the way for the 2014 Brat victory. Where many were wide awake and Brat creamed Cantor.

So now that Cantor is out limited government and libertarian voters have two choices for a more limited government candidate Republican nominee Dave Brat and Libertarian Party nominee James Carr