Cantor officially has no Democrat challenger, focus all on Republican Primary

By Jamie Radtke

nodemchallenge_Cantor-300x218Last Thursday the Democrats announced that they were cancelling their Democrat Convention (yes, you heard that right! Democrats also hold conventions. It is a common nomination method for political parties) because no Democrat filed to run against Cantor in the 7th Congressional District.

dickinsonwar-300x130This news actually surprised many, since Mike Dickinson had announced he was running as a Democrat against Cantor. He received lots of national attention on Fox News, The Huffington Post, and other news sources when he proclaimed he was going to wage war against Fox News, NRA, the tea party and all other trash if elected to Congress.

[SIDEBAR: Pretty remarkable when the Democrats, Karl Rove and Main Street PAC (supported by Soros and Cantor) are all independently declaring war on the tea party. I find it peculiar that these same people who declare war on the tea party also declare that the tea party is supposedly dying and not a political threat. Perhaps their fatalistic claims about the tea party are only wishful thinking?!]


**The Republican Primary is fast approaching.

You will vote at your regular voting location on Tuesday, June 10th from 6am-7pm.