War Hawk Republicans try to say we need to be more involved in Russia’s part of the world . Don’t they ever learn?

Commentary by Kirby Harris

obama-putinThe ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee James Inhofe is complaining that Obama isn’t meddling in Russia’s backyard. Saying that the Military cuts are disarming America’s Military. Making the US weak, and in turn our enemies don’t fear us and our friends don’t respect or trust us.

How does it do that? Hmm…

Does it do that from the recent minimal cuts he is gripping about?


Does it doe that because of all the Billions we wasted over the past 12 years on wars we shouldn’t ever have fought?


Does it do it from ALL the money funneled to the Military Industrial Complex Contractor buddies of politicians to keep unwanted (by the military) like the Abraham's Tank or outdated equipment, just to keep jobs in a district, so those politicians can get re-elected?


Does it have to do with ALL the adventurism and unneeded bases around the world???


So, did asshats like Inhofe cut the waste of unwanted equipment?

NO!! Dolts like him cut the pay of solders and officers, even generals. STOOPID!!! They should have cut the waste.

Don’t the War Hawk Interventionist ever learn? Its none of our business what happens between Russia and Ukraine, Crimes or now Moldova. We have no strategic interests over there, at least none that protect the US homeland or her citizens.

So what could it be?

It must obtaining energy resources. No, it couldn’t be that. Not intervention to get hold of energy resources.

But sadly yes that’s the reason. Do they want want other cold war or world war III?

Oh wait the answer is YES! At least to another Cold War. A war here, a war there, or any war will do.


Here is the article that the commentary was based on:

Top Senate Republican Says Obama ‘Disarmed America’

By Sara Carter  -  April 3, 2014

inhofeThe ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee said the Obama administration has left the United States vulnerable to a growing list of enemies.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced a resolution Thursday to put Moldova on the U.S.’s radar, arguing that it’s another country now vulnerable to Russian aggression. Inhofe told TheBlaze he hopes it will send a message that the former Soviet state, located between Russia, Turkey and European Union, is not up for grabs. He admitted, however, there is little the U.S. can do militarily to stop Moscow’s aggression if President Vladimir Putin chooses to move forward.

“Here’s the problem, our military leaders admit we are weakened to the point that we cannot do one long term contingency plan,” Inhofe told The Blaze after Thursday’s hearing on the Defense Authorization Request for fiscal year 2015. “What do you think is going through the minds of potential adversaries out there? Our enemies don’t fear us, our friends don’t trust us — this is what the Obama administration has done. We have a direct interest in that part of the world. While Obama disarmed America, [our enemies] have been expanding in every area.”